HELLO, I am a Growth Catalyst and founder of the Growth Catalysts movement.


Our main focus is on helping people who have experienced and recovered or are recovering from mental health illnesses. We support them to get help from qualified proffessionals and we function as a support system as they rebuild their lives.


I have spent most of my private life researching mental health and mentoring young-adults and adults who have been affected by mental-health illnesses during the course of their lives.


A background with mental health illness can limit most people due to the trauma and tabu associated with mental illnesses - meaning that people with great potential never reach their full potential in society.


I grew up surrounded by adults with poor mental-health, and who were unfortunate enough to receive very little, or no help to enable healing.


I believe mentoring, accompanied with systematic, structured support systems, can save lives and help direct energy into empowering endeavors that can add value in society.


With a degree in Compuer sciences, I am a Business intellligence (BI) expert with over 7 years of experience. An end-to-end resource with an over-all perspective which ensures a holistic delivery of BI solutions.


I am a people-person, taking a people-first attitude, with over 10 years experience in leadership, people management and personal development.


Born in Kenya, I have travelled in Kenya, around Africa and Europe and had the privilege to live in both Kenya and the United Kingdom. Currently, I live in Sweden, with dreams of being able to split my year between Sweden and Kenya.


An avid reader, an enthusiastic traveller, a writer of fiction, a lover of hats, a cat person and much much more.


I am open to hold workshops, seminars, mentoring-sessions and lectures on topics:

  1. Self-development including setting of goals
  2. Leadership
  3. People management
  4. Effective execution of desired goals
  5. Empowerment
  6. Growth
  7. Healing


Want to get in contact with me? Email: info@growthcatalysts.org

My values and principles are based on the 6 words below.

The 6 words in their turn, form my one word which is SHAMAR.

SHAMAR is a Hebrew word meaning:

  • to keep
  • to guard
  • to observe
  • to give heed
  • to watch over
  • to protect

Which I interpret to mean that we should be of service to others.

As we are of service to ourselves.

Our brother's keepers, as much and as long as we are capable of it.

Team builders.

Tribe builders.

Peace keepers.

Life savers.

Self care experts.

Care givers.

I am stimulated and motivated by peope who have their eyes set on goals and results,

and are wiling to do the work required to acquire the goals and results.


If I worked with anything other than Business Intelligence, I would be an auto-mechanic.


I enjoy putting components together tills they make a noise or a movement, and I love cars.


Maybe, I would have become a psychologist.


However, I decided not to become a psychologist when I was eighteen,

because I believed that "fix yourself" was the best way to go.


I know now that one should accept any help and resources they get and need.

I am an outdoor person, with a deep love for the sea, its noiseless noise, and its surroundings.


The Kenyan coast is especially appealing and the Swedish archipelago is enchanting.

However, I will take any sea I get, any day.



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