We work with leadership in all spheres of life, and self development.  We support through the different phases and challenges of life. Our goal is to be a part of your unswerving support system, motivating and cheering you on to utilize your potential, so YOU can acheive your goals in the areas that you need or want to develop or improvement.

After over ten years of coaching and mentoring teams and individuals, we contribute to your life with a positive mindset,

a wide set of skills, and a well developed tool set.

Do you, or someone you know, need Coaching or Mentoring?


Personal Mentorship and Coaching

One to one Mentorship and coaching.

Group Coaching

We help in team building and team optimization.

Thorough Planning and support

We understand that any worthwhile accomplishment needs thourough planning and support for efficient implementation.

Time and energy are important resources and we don't want to waste yours, or ours!

We start by identyfying the areas that you, as a client want to focus on.

Verification and Retrospective

Plato says that: The unexamined life is not worth living.

At the end of the program, we examine by following up with you, to make sure that we have reached the goal that YOU set out to achieve.

In some cases, we even set up new goals for continued improvements and life-long learning.



Thank you so much Linda, for the support  and input during my first year at my first job!, and  the years after!  I can still feel joy thinking about our walks by the lake, and the stimulating questions you asked to help me structure my challenges and discover potential solutions.


The journey to your goals takes the time you need! It can take 6 weeks, or six months depending on the time it takes for you, to prepare and execute.

We pace the program based on the individual's needs.


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Sept 22, 2016

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Sept 22, 2016

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