Brief introduction to The 6 Modules

The 6 Modules

At SHAMAR Coaching, we listen to your goals and needs before we speak.

The program has six modules as below:

1. SELF - Creating a growth mentality in which self development is second to nature. Everything we want, and need really starts with the self.  Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions and our actions become our habits. Our habits decide our results and our destinies.

2. HARMONY - Learning to actively choose our environment. The people and things, we surround ourselves with. Are we constantly and conciously finding ways to create an environment in which we and others can be creative? Where we can be ourselves and can thrive?

3. ATTITUDE - developing that is positive and grateful. Unaffected by the challenges we experience along the way.

4. MOTIVATION - Finding answers to the questions:

           (i) Are we motivated?

           (ii) What motivates us and our teams?

           (iii) What demotivates us and our teams?

5. ACCOUNTABILITY - Steven Covey writes that accountability breeds response-ability. Do you know what you are accountable for and why? Do you already have well practiced ways to demonstarte your accountability?

6. RESOURCEFULNESS - Is resourcefulness the ability to “do more with less”? In that case:

             (i) What resources do you need?

             (ii) Why do you need what you need?

             (iii) How do you get what you need?


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