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BI – All Feet on the GDPR-Gas Pedal

IMG-20171217-WA0000Business Intelligence and GDPR (General Data Protection Directive) cannot be divorced. They can almost be viewed as rivals in collaboration with each other for mutual existence. In business intelligence, Customer data behavior is the most valued analysis. This because companies have understood that customer is synonymous with business. Most companies with a vision are totally dedicated to customer Service. To serve a customer satisfactorily, a company needs to know and understand its customers.

For example, at the least, a bank wants and needs to know which of its customers saves a lot, spends a lot, buys shares, bonds etc to be able to make offers to specific customers that meet the specific customer’s needs.

Another example is a retailer that needs to know its customer’s preferences to be able to suggest the next buy, a suitable payment method, a pick up place, a delivery time etc.

All this means that data is saved in a vault somewhere and an analyst is looking into this vault every now and then. In mature BI organizations, there are tools for mining and analyzing this data as well as numerous analysts looking for clues in the data.

GDPR demands that we are aware and transparent about:

  • What we are saving about a customer
  • Where we are saving it
  • Who has access to the saved data
  • For what purpose we are saving the data
  • The length of time we are saving
  • The security of the saved data

The deadline is five months away. The reality is no one is done, let alone certain of what is expected of them for compliance. So all the feet that can be spared are on the GDPR-gas pedal. Mine too, though I cannot with all certainty be spared. Which leads to the question: Where did time go?

Tick-TockIs time simply a matter of counted hours that run through the fingers without stopping for a hello and goodbye?

Or is time the space between different things, different activities and different people? The space between eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep and vice versa?

The space when one arrives home, exhausted, ready to make a quick dinner for the household before dropping dead in the sofa or in bed.

The territory between choices. To go to bed or to log into the work computer and work two more hours? That is the question.

Is time the margins surrounding knowledge, perspective, respect, estimation and prioritization? Other aspects of life that create balance?

The space between:

  • The first time time you heard about GDPR and The first thing you learned about GDPR.
  • The first time you spoke about GDPR and the day you started planning for GDPR.
  • GDPR implementation, GDPR compliance and the maintenance of the Policy

Or is time all the virtues and demands warped into each other?


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