About Data Nerds @Work

Get back to me with questions or input @:

  • Email: lindanjeru@yahoo.co.uk
  • Instagram: @lindanjeru
  • Facebook: @DataNerdsAtWork

I am a 30-something year old with a Degree in Computer Sciences & IT Management and several years of experience in the BI (Business Intelligence)/Analytics field. Mostly I have worked in the retail industry holding different roles. I have been all of it! Junior, senior, team member, team lead etc You name it, I have been it within the BI department.

I treat IT solutions as means to achieve goals – Tools for improving life conditions, distributing information, opening up and expanding commercial markets and enabling effectual communication among other goals. Working with Business Intelligence gives me insight into most delivery functions and aspects of an organization.

Especially interesting with BI is that on the one hand, you are grappling with the technical solutions, while on the other hand, you are analyzing human behavior. Usually analysis is meant to ascertain different theories, confirm prognoses and predictions, or to support decision making. The most motivating is the human contacts that keep the technical solutions and the analytical brain cells functional.

Being a multifaceted personality that thrives in diversified environments, I am motivated and at my most productive working in both agile, high tempo new development and strategic/tactical maintenance organizations.

My analytic mind enjoys finding & making sense of patterns & potential connections in data while the survival-mode part of my brain settles nicely into creating & maintaining valued human relationships.

I also have experience in recruiting & onboarding BI (data savvy) Resources, with the intention of creating effective & productive teams.

Get back to me with questions or input @lindanjeru@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you!




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