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Data And BI Trends in 2018

Data and Business Intelligence are different ends of the same stick. Or, if you wish, different sides of the same coin. Like Petroleum (Crude oil) and Fuel so to speak. Data and Petroleum being the raw materials. The expense. Business Intelligence and Fuel being the assets. The end products. The income earners.

The predictions for 2018 are as exciting as they are challenging. I would like to name 3 of the most exciting for me:

  1. Analytic is still high up on the list. Analytic go hand in hand with Machine Learning. The biggest cost within Business Intelligence is the preparation and sanitizing of data. Of course, most businesses are working tirelessly to find ways to save a coin by automating data preparation, discovery and sharing and collaboration. That is where machine learning comes in.
  2. Smart Technological Gadgets will become Smarter. New generation digital citizens will expect no less. With AI agents and AI logic, gadgets and apps will be more interactive, conversational, predictive and intuitive to events and needs. All this Smartness and intuitiveness will be dependent on Data – the collection, the handling and the utilization of data.
  3. The Cloud and The Edge will be married. The courting period has gone well. Cloud services have been moving closer to data sources and cloud models have become more service oriented which has shortened the distance between Cloud and Edge considerably. On the other hand, Edge’s centralization and coordinated structure has become data smart and service oriented.

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AI, Star Wars and Droid Intelligence

c3poSo I saw Star Wars the Last Jedi, taking no regard to the User Reviews on IMDB.

My love for Star Wars has nothing to do with Princess Leia, Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, handsome though they may be. Not even the Force impresses me. It is the droids that do it for me.

First, it was C3-PO and R2-D2. To save secret information in R2, and make sure that she, yes she, had the sense (emotional intelligence) and understanding  to show it only to trusted allies. Help me Obi Wan Kanobi. Okay, fine, I liked Yoda, Chewbacca and the other extraordinary creatures of the Stars. But the droids win every single time.

star wars 2When C3-PO rambles on about the statistics in his neurotic little chip head, tries to run away from every single tight spot they get into and understands the hows and whys of being an obedient droid to new owners. Knows when he has been bought, literally. When R2 scans rooms to find ports where he can stick his little fingers and open doors that are otherwise locked, without loosing his playful presence, I swoon. Later came BB-8, who can dance with his head rolling all over him. When someone threw BB-8 down the stairs of Canto Bight, I flinched. Just as I do when I see someone treating another person badly, violently or disrespectfully.

star wars 1I work in BI – finding, collecting, transforming, structuring and making available the data that AI will be using to make those smart predictive algorithms that improve customer relations, sales and sustainability. However, I am looking forward to becoming a team lead, or #personality-designer for robots, droids, drones, Siri, Alexa who controls or works with Nest, Tesla, John Paul (no relation to John Paul the 2nd), Amazon, Netflix and all the other variants of AI. If AI-agents come with the personalities that were dreamed up, designed and pioneered by #StarWars, among other AI pioneers, I may even switch competence areas and join the AI #PersonalityDesignTeam. To be one of those who are designing and engineering AI that is interesting, diversified and fun to have a coffee with.

c3po 1New buzz words:

AI PersonalityDesign: The design and refinement of AI personality traits and characteristics with the purpose of adjusting each AI to its role, area of operation and/or branch.