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Life Crossroads – Without Data

Hi readers and new followers! I am so grateful to all of you for all your recent likes and follows! I have been wrestling with the decision whether to keep writing here or to give it up for a while.

Or just slow it down to once a month or something.

Your visits are making it hard to ignore this space. Thank you! ❤

I am at a crossroads, with too many things happening at once. Decisions, decisions. And I have too little data to ease the decision


Zeigarnik Effect
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1. I have been working on a novel for some time now. I am done with the 1st version. I now have to revise, revise and revise before 16th June. This is because I have decided to enter the pitchwars.


Actually, I am hunting for a literary agent so I am doing everything I can to finish the book.

We cannot work without data and statistics! 🙂

  • Self-publishing has become popular and profitable. So, that too is an option. But I have to market a lot to make it work.
  • Audio books are also a rave! In our busy schedules, readers need to be able to listen to books on the go. I would have to do lots of work to create a digital, analogue and audio book.
  • Traditional publishing is business as usual. Too few authors coming through, but the benefits are worth it once you come through. I mean they will market, edit, review, revise and help out with so many details! So, of course I would like to go that way if possible.

2.  I have changed jobs, moved companies. I am starting at the new job in a week and I need to refresh my skills for the new role. So I am at edx practicing SSRS, Power BI etc

I have worked with all these before, 2 years ago, but in my latest role, I moved away from the operative, executing activities to team-leading activities.

So a refresh is quite handy and as you know, learning takes time and energy!

3. I have my other blog which is more connected to point 1. – the book. So I am spending quite some time on that.

star wars 24. I am starting that business I always wanted to start. I have sent the registration request to the tax authorities. We have started to design the business logo, vision and goals.

We are in the program-development phases of the process and it is time consuming.

We cannot ignore data and research, can we? A survey is ongoing @surveymonkey to make sure that the idea is as right as it feels in the gut. Please go and check it out to help us out!

So you see! I have shared some resources I use in my #Datanerd life 🙂

I have also informed you that I have not forgotten this wonderful space, I just have a lot going on.

I can not be sure I am prioritizing right at all! Time and results will tell.

Can you help with any of the above activities? Please don’t hesitate to take contact!